Writings from the Furnace

“The world is on fire, so yes, This is Hell — Chuck Mertz”

This is the brand new furnace, finally risen again from the ashes.

A note on this website's publication schedule: every week, on Friday, you're guaranteed a News Analysis of the week's most relevant news (as according to myself, of course), and also a new Blogpost (under the "Thoughts" header — which may be released more than once a week, depending if I feel like it, pretty much). As for the Articles, since they require proper research and more careful editing, expect no more than once a month (probably around the 1st of each month, but no promises). There may be more than one in a particular month, though if that's the case they won't be very long ones, probably. I also intend to record myself reading just about everything and posting it on a youtube channel, in order for people with visual impairments to be able to read these site's publications, if they so desire, without a screen reader (which hopefully works well enough but that I can't guarantee).


LATEST ARTICLE: On Making your Own Website

A little primer on whether you should have your own website, and some pitfalls to avoid.

LATEST BLOGPOST: 2023/01/06 — Maybe I Made a Scheduling Mistake...

I’m sorry! I haven’t managed to stick to my schedule at all… but I haven’t given up. The fact this site is online at all is kind of a miracle, I suppose, but the best I can do is stick with it and try to iron some kinks out. I’ve been struggling with processing the immense deluge of news into a coherent whole (if I’ll even be capable of that), which has proved to be somewhat time-consuming—it’s fundamentally a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff, but when you aren’t sure what is wheat and what is chaff, it becomes a bit overwhelming....

LATEST NEWS ANALYSIS: 2022/12/25 — Uncertainty

(Hey. This is still a format in progress, so there might be a few kinks to iron out. Still, I hope you’ll find this little exercise useful.) We stand at a particularly intense crossroads, with multiple phenomena starting to accelerate wildly, and whose outcome is yet to be determined. The only certainty is uncertainty, so to speak; the realization that things simply cannot and will not go on as they have for much longer....

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